Community Workshops

I have run a range of community workshops as well as pop up art schools at festivals or in stores. I enjoy working with communities to bring community cohesion through art through engaging participants in different elements of art. I am happy to devise session ideas or work with you to incorporate a particular theme or material.


I have worked on a variety of Murals; from large scale graffiti murals to multiple panels for a playground, signs for rebranding community centres to transforming community spaces with a theme.

I have done indoor and outdoor Murals - I am happy to come up with a design or collaborate with the community to create a design based on their input.

Private Classes

From Birthday parties to small classes for groups at houses in school holidays to one-to-one classes I am happy to work on a short programme or even do one of sessions to enhance your creativity.

Work in Schools

I have enjoyed working in schools as Artist in Residence or an Art facilitator for specific projects to enhance the creativity of students to make larger and one-off projects around different themes or site specific works.

Always happy to discuss different requirements to tailor a project to the schools and pupils needs; including projects for SEN students.